Are you a highly sensitive person?


Do you prefer your own company, or a quiet environment, struggle with the hustle and bustle of lots of people? Do you feel like you are a little more emotional, like things hit you a little bit harder than they maybe ought to according to the opinions of others?

Like me, and 15-20% percent of the population you might be a hyper sensitive person. 

Firstly let me say being a hyper sensitive person isn’t a disorder, it isn’t something that needs to be corrected or helped it simply is the way some of us our built and while we can be encouraged out of our shells our natural default setting will probably always be ‘hyper sensitive’.

I have always felt like the company of others made me feel a little uncomfortable. I found it draining as appose to helpful. I would rarely vent to my friends even during teenage years. I have recently had family stay with me over a much longer period than I am used to and I found the whole thing mentally exhausting, I found myself trying to creep off to my bedroom just to breathe even though nothing was really wrong, I just needed to recuperate from being in a social environment. I honestly believe if this situation had continued much longer it would trigger anxiety. I would get even more frustrated for feeling so pent up and trapped just by having others around me, people I love and trust too which of course made any confrontation about the issue feel impossible as you want to say ‘its not you its me.’ but I’d still worry about the other persons feelings.

I felt a huge sense of relief when a friend suggested to me I might just be a hyper sensitive person and what that meant.

So if you’ve wondered to this blog post looking for answers for something similar perhaps this might give you some idea of what being a hyper sensitive person means and what it can look like. If you didn’t maybe it’ll clue you up on how others around you might feel and help you anyway.

Being a Highly sensitive person

1. Not every hyper sensitive person is an introvert. 
This is important to note and relevant to me. Most people’s first impressions of me is that I’m very bubbly and outgoing which is true to a point but when I burn out I am absolutely desperate to be alone. I may be the life of the party sometimes but you can bet your bottom dollar I’m only attending that party twice a year. Around 30 percent of all hyper sensitive people are extroverts.

2. Violent TV series and movies can be extreme.

Usually highly sensitive people are very empathetic and we find these sorts of things too intense and over stimulating. For me I actually enjoy horror movies but I can’t watch them as they trigger nightmares, I think my brain can’t quite let go of the material.

3. The often do worse under observation.
A drivers ed class or an interview can be a struggle for them. They are less likely to perform well under intense pressure and tend to strive alone.

4. Creativity creates intense emotions

Be it works of art or musicals creative activities cause a lot of emotion for highly sensitive people. From personal experience I believe we are drawn more strongly to these endevours as we can empathize with the passion on display.

5. They are usually very aware of social ques
It is easier for them to recognize when people feel overwhelmed or that they might need something. Again it’s all about the ability to empathize.

6. They recharge alone
A dark room, a evening walk, these are probably very familiar to a hyper sensitive person. We charge up best alone.

7. They are more prone to anxiety and/or depression

This doesn’t of course mean all of them will suffer from either issue but it might mean keeping an extra eye on them for these problems is worth while.

8. They are often referred to as shy
Of course with only 30% of highly sensitive people being extroverts there is a high proportion of them that are introverts. They are frequently labeled as shy or quiet and are known to often be highly conscientious and sensitive to the social etiquette of others.

9. Criticism will hit hard

If you have ever been labeled as sensitive I imagine it may well have been in reference to you over reacting to something emotionally. This is common with hyper sensitive people, particularly if the comment is criticism. I remember once being told whilst in Germany on an exchange program that the person couldn’t understand a sentence I had said in German. I saw this as critic and took it so strongly that I no longer spoke a word of German for the rest of the exchange. Even as an adult I have to work particularly hard to let things go.

10. Time management is very stressful 
The idea of having lots do to can really negatively effect someone who is highly sensitive, instead of being efficient the stress generated by the idea of having multiple tasks can hinder them completing their to do list more than its length.

I really enjoyed writing this post, I think I might do another about how being a highly sensitive person effects me as a mother.

So if you are a highly sensitive person, I’m with you (Well, not technically as you might prefer to be alone!) but I understand your struggle and might I suggest that blogging is actually fantastic therapy as well as a creative outlet. 😉

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