Changing bad habits into good ones

We all have them, the little things we do repeatedly throughout our days or week but what if these small habits are helping to form who you are as a person? If you looked at your behaviors are they part of the person you want to be or bad habits holding you back?

For me both statements are true. I’m striving to let the healthy habits thrive, after all bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into but hard to get out of. My biggest bad habit is letting laziness overcome tasks and making excuses, its fair too rainy to go out for a walk (Never mind the fact that even the dog has a rain coat.)

So what can really do to start the change?

1. Make a list. It sounds trivial but make a list with two columns one for your good habits and one for your bad.

2. Identify the bad habits that bother you the most. Some of our ‘bad habits’ don’t negatively impact our lives in any way, these I will be leaving alone. After all surely often wearing odd socks is more of a quirk, right? For me one of my bad habits is not hovering as often as I ought to, it might sound trivial but I have a dog and a husband with pet allergies so I know avoiding it will bother his allergies and I will sit irritated listening to him sniff and feel guilty that I haven’t bothered.

3. Pick a select few to work on and make a point of working on them every day, if you miss a day all is not lost but really motivation is the beginning creating a positive habit is what will really create the long lasting change.

4. It might help to keep your list somewhere you can see it, maybe on the fridge or if your bad habits are something you’d like to keep more personal maybe in your planner. You could even track them if its something that would work for, like to drink more water everyday you could make a little note.

5. Finally give yourself credit for any progress you make, don’t take your work for granted, you will be more likely to keep your positive changes up if you appreciate the work you have done and how much it bothered you before.

No need for fingers crossed, we’ve got this.
No more dust bunnies in our apartment 😉

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